The Frontier Group are Atlassian Experts


The Frontier Group are your Atlassian Experts.

Services we offer

The Atlassian Tool Suite

Atlassian offer an incredible range of tools that cover software developpment, team communication and flexible project management. The Frontier Group can provide licences for all Atlassian products to help your company deliver.

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Atlassian Training

As part of an ability to provide services and support The Frontier Group can also offer training to help your staff get the most out of your Atlassian suite.

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Atlassian Consultancy

The Frontier Group can help you get the best performance out of your Atlassian investment by ensuring the products are setup correctly. Atlassian products offer a wealth of configuation power and it's worth getting it right.

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Branding for Atlassian Tools

The Atlassian tools have the ability to personalise their appearance. Help your staff and customers identify with the software by giving it your corporate identity.

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