How long should college Essay be?

How long should college Essay be?


Essays in college depend on which level you are in. the essay requirements in the first level is completely different from the rest of the level. Early when the semester begins you will be needed to produce work that ranges from one to three pages. As the term continues lecturers increase the number of pages since the volume required is much. The number of pages ranges from five to seven in case the task required to handle is huge. In the upper level, the number of pages increases. In the upper level essays Range from ten to twelve, while when handling projects and research paper, the minimum is twenty pages.

Sections of college essay

There are three sections in a college essay. The first section is the introductory part, followed by the body, then lastly the conclusion. You should note that the body should contain more words than the introduction or conclusion. The three relevant parts build up an essay. These parts need be well handled with care because every part has its own requirements and marks.

How long is Each Part?

The three sections i.e. introduction, body and conclusion, should have the following. First, the introduction should attract the attention of the reader. It should contain thesis statement and catchy words that build up an introduction. This is also the part where definitions of items, places and people are well undertaken. The body is the content and you need to ensure that it has main points, supporting evidence, as well as detailed explanation of things. The last bit need be a summary of the whole essay without repetition. The conclusion should be more than fifty words.

Word Limit

College essays depend on the requirement of the essay. Long essay have more words compared to short essays. However the standard length of words in a paper is two thousand five hundred but it depends on the number of pages. Lecturers have put word limit to their students in order for them not to produce essays with less or more words. The word limit helps you gather thoughts within the limit.


Writing a college essay is very easy when you follow the given instruction. The number of pages depends on the volume of the content needed. However, college essay should contain pages at least ten.

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