How long should an Essay Be?

How long should an Essay Be?

Writing essays depends on several factors and several requirements. Generally essay contain up to two thousand five hundred words. Though you can write less than 2500 but on overage it should not exceed. The essays depend on the number of pages allocated in the instructions. When the number of pages is high this means the number of words need also be high. You are also allowed more ten percent of the recommended words. This means in case you are asked to write a three page essay, you have been given an allowance of ten percent in your work.

Suggested Length

Instructions in an essay guide the number of words to be used in the essay. However, the required length does not only play the purpose of guideline but also help you determine how ambitious or complex the essay is. When you try to bring an argument that has exceeded the number of words, it practically accepted. The points need be compact, full and well to the point. Having incomplete sentences because of the word limit hinders you from achieving good points.

How long is Each Part?

Essays are generally classified into three parts, namely introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction needs to have captivating senesces that build up the introduction. It needs also to have the thesis statement. The second part is the body which is the content of the essay. The body needs to have every point explained and well elaborated. The last bit is the conclusion. Depending on the number of pages or number of words to be used, you need to structure your essay so that every detail fits in the essay. The body should have more words with more sentences in order to explain every point.


Essays depend on the instructions given. The length of the essay does not matter but the details and the content which build s up the essay are much vital. Your essay may be long or short but what matters is the content available in the body. However you should not exceed two thousand five hundred words.

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